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10 Prom Horror Stories That Will Leave You In Tears

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Our high school prom night’s sold to us as a magical evening that we will never forget, or care to remember. As teenage hormones are let loose on the special night, there are bound to be a few stories that have a not so magical ending.
With everyone getting ready for prom. We thought it would be a good idea to After scour the web in search of some of the best, worst prom stories. We’ve compiled our top 10 prom horror stories both sad and downright hilarious.

1. Nice Guys Finish Last?

I was one of those pandering nice guys who asked the girl in the wheelchair to prom because oh how noble of me. Anyway, she wanted the full prom experience, including hooking up afterwards, so we were making out and she asked me to finger her, to which I replied “would you even feel it?” She burst into tears and made me take her home. The whole time I’m thinking “there’s no fucking way she’s gonna be able to explain exactly what happened to her parents” which she wasn’t, so now I’m just the guy who took their disabled daughter to prom and brought her home early sobbing – Landlubber77

2. Protest

The worst prom night I ever saw was when the school would not let two gay guys (a couple) dance on the prom floor. They were crushed – and embarrassed by being physically escorted out of the prom in front of everyone. Parents of straight students and their friends, plus most of the kids at school, protested afterwards so much that the school finally changed its policy. But it was awful while it lasted – I felt so bad for them. – Back2Bach

3.   Rejected

Asked a girl I liked to prom, she said yes. Great. Towards the end of prom, asked her if she would go out with me on a normal date. She said no and left with another guy. Not great. – cereal310

4. An Awkward Encounter

Had a huge crush on one of my friends who asked me to take her with less than a week before prom. Holyshityes. My best friend at the time had also invited me to their pre-prom dinner. Soexcited. Turns out my best friend had been dating this girl for a couple months without making it public, and I hadn’t told him who I was taking. Needless to say we were all pretty shocked and in very different moods after everything came out. The girl I had been crushing on for some time was using me to make my best friend jealous. She wouldn’t even dance with me at prom — ended up pawning me off to her dateless friend. In her failed attempt to win my friend back on Prom night she feigned illness and had me drive her home before the post-prom party. My buddy was pretty upset because he obviously didn’t want this girl around, but since nobody knew they had been dating he didn’t blame me. Overall it was a pretty awkward night. – D-V10US

5. Can’t Hold Your Liquor

 I got booted from prom 20 minutes in because my drunk date puked in the bathroom and they accused me of getting her drunk when it was completely her fault for drinking vodka on an empty stomach. – stab_master_arson

6. Grave Mistake

In my junior year of high school, I flew to California for someone else’s senior prom because I am so sexy and classy that I couldn’t find a single person to date in my entire home state. Said date was super sheltered and Catholic, so I was his first kiss and he was very excited so we had lots and lots of kisses with too much tongue. Prom was at Ronald Reagan Presidential Library, and we left and wandered off to this abandoned building and he proceeded to try to lick my epiglottis. Turns out, we had wandered into Ronald Reagan’s grave site and two chaperones had to come get us, yelling the whole time about how we had defiled the ex-president’s final resting place. –  intelly

7. Jizz In My Pants”

My date jizzed on my dress while we were dancing, and then he insisted I buy him tobacco afterwards because I was 18 and he wasn’t. – Leslie Buckingham, Facebook

8.  Sushi Explosion

Before my junior prom, my friends and I went to a Hibachi-style restaurant. I ordered sushi ’cause I thought it’d be easy to not get on my dress. Little did I know thatthis sushi would give me food poisoning, and cause me to have explosive diarrhea in the limo on the way to prom. My dress was ruined and the limo smelled terrible. – Callie King, Facebook

9. Surprise!

I went to a REALLY small high school (about 50 students in each grade), and my boyfriend and I were the token semi-popular quirky couple. I loved art, he loved theater, we were totes soul mates (by a weird coincidence, we also had the same birthday) We had been dating since 8th grade, so imagine my surprise when he calls me THREE days before prom to tell me that he had cheated on me. With another guy. At a gay club. The guy he cheated on me with? The club DJ, who was named DJ Kitty Litterz. Now, I know that if you’re a gay man, then there’s no amount of lady prom regalia that will make you find a woman “totally do-able” (as I would have said in 2004 …. and also in 2011), but I wasn’t fully aware of this when I was 18, so I still took him as my date, because I thought I could win him back… I spent the entire night eating my emotions while my now ex introduced everyone to “his new self”. This included, but was not limited to: a very strong lisp he had never had before, calling everyone “Honey”, trying to give football players lap dances, and telling everyone how sex with another man is waaay better than sex with a girl (he had only had sex with me, and most people either knew or assumed that). He then left me there so he could meet up with his old friend, Litterz. –  DressedInYellow

10. On A Budget

The teacher that was in charge of our prom (and multiple “Favorite Teacher” winner) resigned suddenly a few weeks before the big day. We discovered it was because a student had come forward alleging sexual misconduct. (He pleaded guilty to the charges a year later.) An exhaustive investigation followed, with many of the male kids in my grade being asked if they were aware of the teacher’s documented interest in them. Very uncomfortable time at our school. Well to top it all off, we discovered before he resigned he took all the money that was designated to pay for our prom. So we were fortunate enough to have it at the venue we wanted, but everything else became a real low budget affair. (Normally the proms at our school were pretty badass.) The whole evening had an unspoken dirtiness to it, especially for my date who looked up to that teacher so much he wanted him to sit at our table originally. Yikes. So thanks again for all that, Mr. P! Hope you’re enjoying it on the sex offender registry. – jetRink

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