11 People Share The Biggest Lies That They’ve Gotten Away With, And It’s Hilarious

Well, some of them

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We’ve all been guilty of lying at some point. There are some who lie as a means to protect people from the harsh realities of the truth like; Santa doesn’t exist; while there are others who just lie because it’s funny and people ask stupid questions sometimes.

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We’ve searched the internet in hopes of finding some ridiculous lies that people have told (and gotten away with), and boy, some of these did not disappoint. Here are 11 of our favorites.

1. Do You Speak Canadian?

A college girl from Oregon once asked me what language they spoke in Canada, and I replied “Canadian.” I told her I spoke “Canadian,” she believed me and asked me to speak it, so I started speaking an unintelligible “language” and she was amazed. I wonder if she ever found out the truth.


2. You’re Gross

I farted in the line at the Hollywood Video, when I was younger, and blamed it on my dad.

I shouted “Ew! Gross Dad! That smells so nasty!”

Everyone believed he was the one that farted.

My father never said anything to me about it on the way home.

3. New Phone

I got the original iPhone for my birthday years back. I dropped the son of a bitch and shattered the screen two days later. I felt horrible, so I won’t home and connected it to the charger and 15 minutes later proclaimed that the charger had somehow shattered my screen while I was away. I called AppleCare and they said they had been having reports of this happening. My jaw almost hit the floor. They happily sent me a “new” phone (probably refurbished, but it’d been out for two weeks, either way it’s a new phone).


3. Colors

Told a guy in secondary school that I was colour-deaf. He would randomly shout colours at me for about 2 years and I would pretend to be oblivious.

Fun times.

4. Meat Pie

I am an ESL teacher in Asia. If a student of mine has been to Australia I always ask them if they ate a meat pie. The answer is usually yes, so my follow up question is then: “Did you like the Koala meat in the pie?” The look of disgust, shock, confusion, and then disgust again, is absolutely priceless. I usually then tell them the truth. Usually.


5. Fantastic Beasts And Where To Find Them

I convinced a highly qualified 22 year old colleague that vultures are mythical beasts invented by Walt Disney for the Jungle Book.

6. The Power Of Math

My friend and I once convinced a kid in our school that they’d recently discovered a new number between 6 and 7 called fanf, our form tutor overheard and joined in the lie and he was a maths teacher to add credibility, it didn’t last long but it was fun while it lasted. The power you can have over year 7’s when you’re in sixth form, those were the days.


7. Do You Speak English?

I convinced a particularly loud and wasted American woman on holiday that in London, Latin is the official language. This was after she told me that I spoke “amazing english” (considering the fact that i’m from Britain.) I then expressed my sadness that it was slowly being replaced with English. Hook, line and sinker.

8. Color

I convinced a 22 year old, sober friend of mine that color was invented in 1954 and that’s why all movies and TV before then were in black and white. It seemed perfectly logical to him at the time. We don’t talk anymore.


9. Fake It Until You Make It

I convinced everyone I met in the summer of 2005 that I had just sold my company for millions and was travelling Europe with my partner. Sooo many girls believed this it was silly, we had fake names and one girl even proclaimed that she used our site successfully which was a riot. I got into asking her about her experience with the site and stuff…. glorious.

10. Tourists Will Believe Anything?

I used to work at the Space Needle, and my favorite thing to tell tourists was “The Space Needle was built as the center piece to the 1962 World’s Fair. The Space Thread and Space Thimble were also proposed as additional art installations, but they were denied funding.” I’ll never know exactly how many people believed me. But guessing by the “You don’t say!”s and the “Well I’ll be darned!”s, I would guess at least fifty.

11. The Biggest Like Of All Time ….

“Yeah we can stay friends, I’d love that.”


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11 People Share The Biggest Lies That They’ve Gotten Away With, And It’s Hilarious