15 Amazing Travel Photos That Will Fill You With Wanderlust

Vadim Makhorov

Wanderlust can be described as a strong desire to travel. When you’ve been bitten by the “travel bug” there’s no stopping you, you long to see and experience places that you can often only admire from your computer screen; gawking at the beauty that photographers have managed to capture.

Well, be prepared to gawk as we’ve found some images that will have you wanting to pack your bags and give in to the travel bug.

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1. Solna Centrum Subway Station – Stockholm, Sweden

Guy Nesher

The capital of Sweden plays host to what they refer to as “the world’s longest art exhibition”, offering some of the most exciting metro rides in Europe, as the underground metro hosts some of the most beautiful artwork in the city.

2. Grenada Underwater Sculpture Park – Molinere Bay, Grenada

Jason De Claires Taylor

Located in the Caribbean sea west of Grenada, this collection of underwater sculptures was the world’s first underwater park open for public viewing.

3. Ice Cave – Skaftafell, Iceland

Olvar Thorgeirsson

Located along a frozen lagoon, this ice cave is a result of centuries old ice making its way down a glacier. The lack of air means that no air bubbles are able to form and make the ice look blue.

4. Preacher’s Pulpit – Preikestolen, Norway

Thomas Trommer

The name says it all. This famous tourist attraction rises 604 metres and has an almost flat surface, allowing you to over look the stunning vistas that this area has to offer. It’s considered one of Norway’s popular natural tourist attractions.

5. Neuschwanstein Castle – Bavaria, Germany

Luiz Pires

This looks like something straight out of a Disney film, because it kinda is. This beautiful castle not only the served the German king during the nineteenth-century, but also serves as the inspiration for Disney’s Sleeping Beauty.

6. Salar de Uyuni – Bolivia

Guy Nesher

This area is considered the world’s largest salt flats at 10, 582 square kilometres. Another interesting fact – it’s a maor breeding ground for flamingos.

7. Dhammakaya Temple – Thailand

Luke Duggleby

This peaceful retreat was originally a meditation centre before the growing number of participants had forced the ordaining monk to convert it to a temple. Today, the temple is an institute that teaches the way of Dhammakaya meditation.

8. Climbing The Great Pyramid (Illegally) – Giza, Egypt

Vadim Makhorov

When you think of Egypt, you think of the great pyramids. While this is a stunning view, it is considered illegal.

9. Baseball In The Streets – Havana, Cuba

Lisa Shires

While the city of Havana attracts of a million tourists, there’s nothing more amazing than watching a view local kids play baseball. This image captures of the beauty of this vibrant city.

10. Behind The Waterfall – Seljalandsfoss, Iceland

Yuri Ovchinnikov

If you take the time to do your research on this stunning location, you’ll find that there are a few more mesmerising images like this one. It’s considered one of Iceland’s most popular natural tourist attraction, and we can see why.

11. Urban Climbing – Paris, France

Vadim Makhorov

Urban climbing describes the act of actually climbing on the outside of buildings. If you’re brave enough to do something like this, you’re sure to get a stunning shot like this one of the Eiffel Tower.

12. Cormorant Fisherman – Li River, XingPing, China

Chris McLennan

Cormorant fishing is a traditional style of fishing whereby the fisherman makes use of trained Cormorants (a type of bird) to fish.

13. Kumbh Mela – Allahabad, India

Greg Vore

Kumbh Mela is a mass hindu pilgramage of faith in which they bathe in a sacred or holy river. The main festival takes place in the Ganges.

14. Temple of Borobudur, Indonesia

Johan Georget

Located in central Java, this is considered to be one of the largest Buddhist temples in the world, as well as the greatest Buddhist monuments. This amazing creation is built with 504 Buddha statues.

15. Cows On The Beach, Zanzibar Island, Tanzania

A. Monfre

Located on the Eastern coast of Africa, this tropical destination is certainly a good spot to have your honeymoon.

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15 Amazing Travel Photos That Will Fill You With Wanderlust