15 Hilarious Pictures Of Animals You Have To See To Have A Good Day

You WILL have a good day

Marc Mol

Nature is undeniably beautiful. We’ve all watched the countless shows that Sir David Attenborough has cooked up; we look across the landscape at the formidable polar bear stalking its prey, or the adorable mouse scurrying away from the hungry snake. While skilled photographers capture the mesmerising beauty that nature has to offer, they often get to capture the funny side of it too.

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Introducing The Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards; this annual event is a result of “ the need for a photography competition that was light-hearted, upbeat, possibly unpretentious and mainly about wildlife doing funny things.” While we love the idea of photographers capturing wildlife doing hilarious things, one of the compelling reasons this competition is so important and began, was conservation. The website states that the contest is a way to get the message there, that we share the planet with these animals and we’re having a mostly negative impact on them.

1. “A Tough Day At The Office”

Angela Bohlke

2. “Dream”

Mario Fiorucci

3. “He Went That Way”

Austin Thomas

4. “Hello”

Philip Marazzi

5. “Grizzly Bear Fail”

Rob Kroenert

6. “Warrior of The Grassland”

Anup Deodhar

 7. “The Dance”

Usman Priyana

8. “It’s That One”

Patricia Bauchman

9. “Can’t Talk Now”

Barb D’Arpino 

10. “Angel Bear”

Adam Parsons

11. “I Like To Move It”

Alison Buttigieg

12. “What Are These?!”

Marc Mol

13. “Rush Hour”

Julian Radd

14. “Maestro”

Perdita Petzl

15. Laughter

Austin Thomas

For more information about this great initiative, make sure you visit their website – www.comedywildlifephoto.com

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15 Hilarious Pictures Of Animals You Have To See To Have A Good Day