15 People Share True Stories So Creepy, It Will Make You Sleep With The Lights On

You’ve been warned

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If you’re a fan of Goosebumps, then step aside because these actual creepy stories are sure to make you wet your pants. We’ve gone in search of the scariest stories that the internet has to offer, creating a list of 15 true stories that will make you sleep with the lights on tonight.

Are you ready?

1. Fixer-upper

My parents bought their first house back in 1972. It was a fixer-upper, but they decided to move in right away and fix things as time/money permitted. Within a few days of moving in, the new neighbors came over to introduce themselves. They also let my parents know that the previous owners had moved out after a nasty divorce. They had lost their second baby from SIDS, and their relationship went downhill from there.

My parents were horrified, more so because they were newly pregnant and couldn’t imagine going through such a thing. They eventually pretty much forgot about it. Life went on. They were in love with their new life and their new house. In preperation for the baby, they decided to wallpaper the nursery. Now, my Dad told my mom there was no need in wallpapering the inside of the closest, but she insisted. She was kneeling down, scraping old paint inside of the closet when her eyes fell upon something that made her blood turn to ice.

Written in crayon, at about eye level for a kindergardner, in childish scrawl was: I KILLED THE BABY


2. Taking a Shower

Woke up one night around 1am, heard the shower was on. I first thought it was my brother, he works night shifts, so thought he had come home late and was in the shower. It went on for about half an hour until I got up and went to see wtf he was doing. No one was in the shower, my brother wasn’t home yet, I was the only one in the house. Still to this day, I had no idea how it turned on or who did it. Almost five years later and I still think about it and shit myself. Even writing this now I feel like turning every light on in the house.

3. Hunter

My old co-worker had a son named Hunter that was 4 or 5. She said that Hunter would have bad dreams and that he would sleep with his dad when he got scared. One night his dad woke up because he heard Hunter calling him. But he was calling him by his name, not “dad”. So, he went to his room and he was asleep. He woke him up and said: “Hunter, you were calling me. Is everything okay?” And Hunter said, “Dad, when they call you you’re not supposed to answer,” and fell back asleep. He asked him about it in the morning but he said he didn’t remember saying it. I get chills when I think about it.



4. Split Second 

I was standing on my balcony when I saw some drunk guy flash in front of my eyes. I was on the tenth floor and apparently, he fell over from the twenty-first floor. The split second he passed by, I got to see his look of fear, shock, disbelief and a whole bunch of other emotions before he fell to the floor in a thud and crack. You could just tell he was dead.

5. A Casual Painter

My parents were on their honeymoon to key west. When they arrived at the hotel to check in, they were told that the room would be non-smoking. With my dad being a smoker they requested a different room. They got the room switch and went to their room. As they got off the elevator the smell of fresh paint was overwhelming, down the hall their was a painter with all the necessary supplies laid out around him and was painting the wall. As my parents walked passed him they casually greeted him and the painter had absolutely no acknowledgment of their presence. Whatever. When they got to the room the smell of paint was even worse in there, so bad it wasn’t even bearable so they decide to go to the front desk to change rooms.

When they explained the situation the attendant looked very confused and informed them that there wasn’t a scheduled paint job on that floor for that day but agreed to change their room. My parents go back to their floor to grab their luggage and the painter is completely gone. All supplies cleaned up and gone within 10-minutes, and the smell of paint was completely gone. At this point my parents were freaked out but didn’t think much of it and go to their new room. The next morning on their way to breakfast they overhear a tour guide talking to a group. My parents tuned in when the guide mentioned the floor that they were originally supposed to stay on. Apparently a long time ago there was a painter on that floor painting and fell down the elevator shaft to his death. Now my parents don’t normally believe in the paranormal but after an event like this that they had no explanation for it freaked them out a good bit.


6. Car Crash 

There is a thread somewhere that described a guy taking a scenic route in the middle of the night to get to a certain town. He was driving up a hill, and came upon a car accident with two cars on the side of the road and a person lying down on the ground. For some reason he caught a bad vibe from it, and slowly drove past the scene. He stopped about 100 feet past it, looked behind him, and the person on the ground was standing up and staring at him, with about 20 other people coming out of the woods.

7. The Babysitter

So one day, this girl was called over to babysit. She did it a lot for these people, so it was routine for her. Anyways, she was told to put the kids to bed at 9, and she did. After she put the to bed, she started watching TV and doing homework, waiting for the parents to come home. But then, she started hearing some noises coming out of the basement, like pans falling and stuff. She just ignored it, and thought it was the washing machine or something. Anyways, a little later, she starts hearing the noises again. She decides to call the police, and tell them she was hearing noises coming out of the basement at the house she’s babysitting at. The lady at the station told her there’s a patroller in her area, and that he’ll be at the house in about 20 minutes.

Anyways, in about 5 minutes, she hears a knock on the door. She answers, and it’s a full swat team. She asked, “I thought they were just sending a patroller..” and one of the guys told her “after you hung up the phone, we heard a second phone on the line hang up”. Ended up there was a man in the basement, listening to the conversation. The lady in the station waited and heard him hang up, then immediately sent the swat team to help. They went downstairs and caught him; he was wanted for multiple cases of rape.



8. Bridge

I was on vacation in Ithaca with my boyfriend at the time. We had literally, I’m talking 10 minutes, just gotten into town and stopped at a suspension bridge near Cornell’s campus. I’m terrified of heights and, so, my boyfriend was coaxing me step by step over the bridge. It was gorgeous and we stopped at the middle to take a picture. On the side we had come from there was a parking lot with steps leading to the bottom of the gorge but on the far side there were hiking paths with no barrier. A woman walked past us and offered to take a picture for us.

We declined and she smiled and walked quickly to the far side of the bridge where she smoothly jumped off into the gorge. There was not a second of hesitation, it was almost like she expected the path to keep going. The sound of a person hitting the ground from a jump like that sticks with you.


9. A Lady And A Black Wig

My dad died of cancer the day I turned 16 after about two weeks in a coma. It was really fast – less than two months between diagnosis and death. He died in the house. (we had a hospice attendant and my mom was very good about seeing to him in those final days). Anyway, a lot of weird shit happened after he passed, but the one that still freaks me out when I think about it happened about 12 hours before he took to bed for the last time. He was in our living room napping on the couch while my mom was in the kitchen cooking. No one else was home. Suddenly, he jerked awake and was shouting for my mom in a very loud, agitated voice.

Clearly angry with her. “Beverly! Don’t do that! Don’t EVER do that again!” She ran into the room, alarmed and asked what he was talking about, and he said, “Don’t do that. Don’t walk past me like that in that long, black wig.” Sometimes I think he saw death.




10. The Conjuring 

My now ex-wife and I had just gotten married and moved into a new neighbourhood. We moved in, in the winter. As spring came, we noticed there were multiple dead animals (birds, squirrels, racoon ) in the yard. We cleaned em all up and started to make improvements to the outside of the house and painting on the inside.

I started to notice strange things going on. Keys not where I left em, stuff like that small. I thought I was just being forgetful. Then things slowly started to escalate. while in bed I could swear I could hear a barley audible conversation, like a radio in a far room. As soon as I would try to focus on it, it would go away. I started to hear footsteps at the other end of the house. One night while laying in bed, I hear a huge crash, woke me up out of dead sleep. I went into the kitchen and saw my kid’s hamster cage on the floor about 15 feet from where it was. (we would put it on the fridge at night because we had a cat and didn’t want it getting to it. Now I know what you are thinking, cat knocked it off. But this cage had to fly over a breakfast bar and a kitchen table to get to its resting place.

Then things got ugly. I would be sitting at home watching tv, and I would have this uncontrollable thought. “what would it be like to be possessed?” or “I want to be possessed.” I couldn’t get this thought out of my head. Couldnt concentrate on anything but that. I would have to say in my head “i love God, I love Jesus” over and over to get off the original thought. I need to add, that I am not a religious person.

As soon as I would leave the house, I would be fine. Not one thought. But as soon as I pulled in my driveway it would start up again. Uncontrollable. I thought I was going crazy. I sat down with my wife and looked her dear in the eyes and said “I think I am going crazy, I’ve been having weird thoughts..” she turned white and before I could say anymore she said “that you want to be possessed?!?” come to find out for the past month she had been having the exact same thoughts. Then we started to compare stories. she told me that she was laying in bed without me (I worked seconds at the time) and she could hear a man whispering through the baby monitor while our child was fussing. Needless to say, we moved out within the month.


11. A Cold Breeze

When I was 17, I went to my mates house for some beers for his Birthday, I probably only had about five drinks. Come the early hours of the morning, probably around 2/3am, I head out to the kitchen for a drink. I pour a drink of water and turn around and take a sip, and as I’m swallowing I swear I hear footsteps(the ground in the entire room is all made up of tiles), so I hold my drink down and listen for a few seconds.. Next thing I know, I hear fast footsteps in front of me running towards me, and suddenly a huge cold breeze blew right through me..at that point, I just freaked out and ran back for the bedroom. I ended up waking my friend up and telling him what happened and we listened and could hear odd bangs and bumps from out there, but nothing out of the ordinary after that ever happened. I’ll still always remember it though, gives me goosebumps writing this.



12. The Tall Man 

I once worked on an Indian reservation and it’s late at night in South Dakota. Some friends and I are driving, one of them is native and we are discussing folk tales of the area. Suddenly I see the white light running towards the road across the plains and my friend steps on the breaks. “you’re doing that because you saw it too right?” “yup”

We pull up to the area and there is nothing there. I have goosebumps all the way back to where I’m staying. That night I have awful dreams about native warriors trying to destroy new York city and then I wake up with something breathing in my ear, whispering to me. I scream my friends name and he looks over at me and tells me it’s okay. I fall back into the same dream over and over again. I keep trying to change the outcome. The next day my friend told me when he woke up and saw me screaming a massive shadow was above me. The tall man. Not slender man- this guy is different. My friend didn’t want to tell me he saw it since he knew it would freak me out even more.

Was afraid to sleep for weeks, smudged the crap out of my room, put sage on the window sill and hung up mad dream catchers. Shit was scary but also kinda funny. I think they had fun messing with the white girl.



13. My Dad Saved My Mom 

This happened maybe two years ago. I was asleep taking a nap in the living room, when I woke up to my dad saying “Watch out for your mom”, so I got up, went to look for my mom and found her passed out in the bathroom. She had really high blood pressure, to the point where internal organs were in danger. We could get help fast enough, so things could be settled with medications only. If my dad wouldn’t have waken me up, things could have ended worse. He died 5 years prior to that event from leukemia.


14. Hey Jon

Here’s one. I had a good friend die when I was 10. We’ll call him Jon. He died pretty tragically too. He was hit by a car literally right in front of my house when he was chasing down a ball that bounced into the road. Fast forward 7 years. I’m babysitting my little sister and she is playing outside. I’m on the porch swing reading and she’s shooting hoops on a little tikes hoop. The ball bounces out into the road and I look up to see her yell, “Don’t go after that ball Jon!!” Freaked the shit out of me. She never even knew about Jon. I asked her who “Jon” was and she said that he would play with her sometimes outside.


15. Our Father

My brother was getting to sleep one night when he was about 13/14. The lights were off, door’s closed, he was settled with his eyes closed. All of a sudden he gets that feeling that he’s being watched by someone. The feeling becomes stronger and stronger so he pulls the covers over his head, curls into a ball trying not to freak out. He even starts saying the “Our Father’ prayer when a few lines in he hears a voice right next to his ear say, “That’s not going to help you…”.


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