11 Gadgets That Will Make Your Life Easier

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There’s nothing we love more than discovering new life hacks. Finding new ways to make our lives easier is what we live for in 2017, right? As humans, we’ve found various ways to soothe our boredom (hello Instagram) or finally get to that infuriating itch that we just can’t seem to reach.

There’s nothing more satisfying than finding the perfect tool for the right job. If you thought you’ve seen everything, get ready because we bet that you’ve never seen these awesome tools before. From plastic bowls that make salad prep a breeze to footrests that are perfect for shaving your legs in the shower, this list has a few gadgets that you’ll want to add to your life ASAP

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1. A Fancy Salad Bowl Thing

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We all know how messy chopping boards can be, especially when you need to clean up. Apparently this nifty gadget is a salad bowl AND a chopping board. YES!

2. A Cool Lighting Cable That Keeps Your Phone Up When Charging

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Well, we’re glad that’s not this awesome gadget’s real name. This is perfect for some Netflix and chill. All jokes aside, this is super convenient if you’re not looking to get hit in the head every time your phone falls.

3. This Footrest For The Shower Is Giving Us Life!

Image Source

Speaking of convenience – how many times have you tried to put your foot against the shower wall so you could shave your legs and ended up cutting yourself? This simple footrest definitely does the trick.

4. Who Wouldn’t Want To Clean Out Their Pipes With This?

 Image Source 

While this may not be the most appetizing image to look at, all homeowners know that cleaning out the drains can be a chore. However, this affordable drain snake looks like it will get the job done.

5. Get Cleaning With This Bendable Brush

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How many times have you had to put your entire hand into a jar (and gotten it stuck) when trying to wash up? This convenient bendable brush takes the pain out of washing bottles and jars. We’d like one please!

6. More Space For Your iPhone

Image Source

If you’re an iPhone user, then you know how inconvenient running out of space can be. This USB plugs straight into your iPhone, allowing you to easily backup or exchange information between your phone and your computer.

7. A Key Finding System For People Who Forget

Image Source

This gadget may change lives. If you tend to lose your keys, or know someone who does, then this is the perfect gift!

8. A Shower Curtain That Comes With Pockets

Image Source

Whether you have a tiny apartment or just enjoy decluttering your bathroom, this shower curtain is perfect. Store all your bathroom goodies in the conveniently placed pockets and voila!

9. A Rubber Mushroom That Catches Hair

Image Source

Any type of hair? This will definitely make life a bit easier, along with the perfect Christmas present for your roommate?

10. Keep Veggies Fresh With This Pack Of Veggie-Keepers

image source

Instead of bowls or Ziploc bags, you can now use these awesome veggie-keepers. While the name may need some work, we think it’s a really cool gadget that we NEED in our lives.

11. Windscreen Wiper For Your Bathroom Mirror

image source

Could this be the best invention on this list? This brilliant gadget will wipe away that pesky steam from blocking your reflection.

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11 Gadgets That Will Make Your Life Easier