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25 Of The Most Incredible Images of The Milky Way You’ll Ever See

There’s no denying that we live on a beautiful planet, but for centuries humans have looked to the stars with curiosity and awe. These images, taken by a few patient photographers, show just why we’re so awestruck by the beauty of the stars with these breathtaking shots of the milky way.


1. Palouse Falls, U.S.A

Will Christiansen     


2. Concordia Cano, Pakistan

Anne Dirkse


3. Arcadia National Park, U.S.A

Adam Woodworth


4. Lake Tahoe, U.S.A

Jason Wilson


5. Antigua Guataemala, Guatemala

Albert Dros


6. Joshua Tree, U.S.A



7. Tasman Glacier, New Zealand

South of Home


8. Broken Top Mountain, U.S.A

Matty Meis 


9. Mt Rainier, U.S.A



10. Mt Fuji, Japan

Yuga Kruita 


11.  Dead Horse Point, U.S.A

Erik Johnson


12. Treasure Island Beach (Laguna), U.S.A



13. Mt. St Helens, U.S.A

Derek Culver 


14. Peptacon Resevoir, U.S.A

Daniel J Stein


15. Maine, U.S.A

Colin Zwirner 


16. Mt. Hood (OR), U.S.A.

Derek Culver


17. Atacama Desert, Chile

Derek Culver 


18. Macora Lake, New Zealand

Tom Hall 


19. Havasu Falls, U.S.A

Land of Ice 


20. French Alps Chamonix, France



21. Kazakhstan

Elmar Akhmetov


22. Palouse Falls, U.S.A

Michael Brandt


23. Lassen Peak, U.S.A

Cory Poole 


24. Mt Rainier, U.S.A.

Derek Culver 


25. Moke Lake, Queens Town; Australia

South of Home

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25 Of The Most Incredible Images of The Milky Way You’ll Ever See