Adorable Labrador Goes Viral After Crashing A Live Broadcast

Move over lady, it’s my time to shine

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Don’t you think working would be a lot better if we could all bring our adorable pets to work? Apparently, one woman didn’t think so.

While covering the latest news, this Russian broadcaster was thrown off completely when she heard an animal barking. The reported from Mir 24 – a Russian TV station – looked completely startled, and a little frightened by the barking.

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Her anxiety of impending doom slowly grew as an adorable black Labrador randomly popped up right next to her during a live broadcast. Obviously, the fella was there to give her some moral support during her news report. Unfortunately, the reporter didn’t see it that way, and their awkward exchange is a funny sight.

But really, who wouldn’t want to be surprised by this adorable pup?

While it’s obvious by the interaction that the reporter is more of a cat person, her new co-anchor must have grown on her, because who wouldn’t want an adorable Labrador as your co-host?!

There are a few individuals calling this out as a publicity stunt since the network’s logo is a black Labrador, but we don’t care since it’s the cutest thing we’ve seen all day! We’d love this fella to be our mascot and show up randomly any day!

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Adorable Labrador Goes Viral After Crashing A Live Broadcast