Here’s 10 Reasons Why Africa Is A Horrible Holiday Destination


Or … 10 of reasons and holiday destinations you need to visit today!

While we may have used a little white lie in our title, you’ll be thanking us later when you’ve booked your flight to one of these spectacular African destinations.

When you think of white sandy beaches, warm weather and blue waters, Africa is not the first thing that comes to mind. While the continent may be renowned for its spectacular wildlife and savannahs, it also has its fair share of exotic locations, including a few of the best beaches on offer. Take a look at these idyllic locations perfect for your next vacation!

10. Mozambique

Mozambique is nestled in southern Africa, and is home to a few of the region’s most popular beaches.

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9. Djerba, Tunisia

Tunisia has a rich history and is reflected through their vibrant culture. Walk the cobble stoned alleyways of the seaside town of Djerba during the day and the white sandy beaches at twilight. Heaven!

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8. Madagascar

Madagascar is just an animation movie, but this African island is home to stunning beaches. Past the golden beaches you’ll find rainforests that seem endless and species that cannot be found anywhere else in the world.



7. Lamu Island, Kenya

A quick boat ride from the shore of Kenya, Lamu Island is a must when visiting Kenya. Lamu Old Town is filled with history being home to one of the oldest and best-preserved Swahili settlements. Along with chilling on the beach of this historic island, you can also enjoy the spectacular architecture, which features courtyards and intricately carved wooden doors.

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6. Zanzibar

If you’re looking for a little bit of everything then Zanzibar is perfect. Spend your mornings exploring Stone Town, the narrow alleyways while admiring the grand Arab Houses. What’s more? Stone was recently declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO, an added bonus to add this African country to your bucket list.


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5. Seychelles

If sipping Pina Coladas while enjoying an array of delicious fruits is your dream, then the Seychelles should be heaven. Comprising of 115 islands, this East African island nation is home to 87 000 inhabitants; along with 15 types of mangoes, 17 types of bananas, and 4 types of coconut.



4. Reunion

While Reunion may technically be a part of France, it’s only a four-hour flight from South Africa. Either way, we’re adding to the list as it’s one of the most remarkable Indian Ocean islands that you need to visit. It’s home to Piton de la Fournaise, a volcano which is recorded to be one of the most active and productive volcanoes.

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3. Cape Town, South Africa

Located at the tip of Africa, Cape Town is home to some pretty awesome sights, including the beautiful Table Mountain which this vibrant city surrounds. It’s also renowned for its spectacular beaches and mountainous views.


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2. Cape Verde Islands

Golden beaches and sun all year round, Cape Verde is a prime destination for those looking to enjoy the beauty that an island like this has to offer. Renowned for its Creole Portuguese-African culture, it’s a must for those looking to enjoy paradise.



1. Mauritius

Surrounded by the warm Indian Ocean, this tiny island nation is a popular spot for destination weddings and honeymoons. Expect to find endless white beaches, resorts and breathtaking sunsets!

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