Baby Goes To Zoo Dressed As Lion Cub, Lions Think It’s One Of Their Own And Try To Rescue Him

This is too cute!

Source: Newsflare Video Screenshot

Curiosity never killed the cat; it just made for a precious moment between a lion and an adorable 11-month-old. When the godparents of little Aryeh decided to treat him to a day at the zoo, his mom made sure to pack his favourite outfit – a lion costume. Dressed in his favourite getup, Aryeh waited patiently for his favourite animal to make an appearance. When the Lions finally decided to come out of their den, they weren’t sure what to make of the lion facing them on the other side of the glass.

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Source: Newsflare Video Screenshot

The curious lions walked up to the little lion as he pressed his face against the glass; the moment that followed is truly too adorable for words – let the ooh’s and ah’s commence.

Source: Newsflare Video Screenshot

“The Lions were immediately interested in our little lion cub, and it wasn’t long before they couldn’t stand their curiosity any longer and came right up to the glass.,” said Aryeh’s godparent. “Aryeh was completely unfazed and interacted with the lions for a few minutes.”

Source: Newsflare Video Screenshot

In an attempt to pacify his curiosity, the lion placed his paw on the glass to try and touch the baby lion on the other side. While it was an adorable moment, Aryeh and his godparents quickly moved on as the Lions had begun to get a little worked up.

Source: Newsflare Video Screenshot

“We took some pictures and videos before moving along as the Lions started getting a little worked up and we didn’t want to make them too anxious,” his godmother said.

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Source: Newsflare

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Baby Goes To Zoo Dressed As Lion Cub, Lions Think It’s One Of Their Own And Try To Rescue Him