This Artist Spent 3 Years Drawing On Coffee Cups And The Results Are Incredible!

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image source: Josh Hara Instagram

Drinking coffee is a way of life. No, a lifestyle. Nay, a culture! And anyone who disagrees with this statement is clearly not a lover of all things coffee.

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If you love grabbing a deliciously brewed cup-o-joe from your favourite coffee shop along with being entertained then keep reading. Three years ago, illustrator Josh Hara got tired of staring at the “perfectly pristine blank space” on his cup of Starbucks coffee each day. He decided to do something about it, and the results are both hilarious and strikingly awesome! Hara’s “cup comics” are ridiculously accurate, having created over 300 of these comics that accurately portray just what everyone’s actually thinking when they’re ordering coffee. Along with hilarious anecdotes, Hara’s cups also feature a few famous faces including, Donald Trump and Harry Potter.

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Have a look at some of our favourite ones below:

1. Haven’t We All Thought This At Some Point …

coffee cup comics
image source

2. Who Doesn’t Need A Hug Early In The Morning …

image source

3. How To Make Your Employees Happy In Seconds …

image source

4. “I’m The King Of Coffee” …

image source

5. What Dogs Think About …

image source

6. What Really Happens On Sesame Street …

image source

7. A Glimpse Inside The Mind Of Donald Trump? …

image source

8. Coffee Bae …

image source

9. What Donald Trumps Spends His Days Reading …

image source

10. That Time Harry Potter Discovered Coffee …

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This Artist Spent 3 Years Drawing On Coffee Cups And The Results Are Incredible!