Dad Takes A Nap And You Won’t Believe What Happens While He Sleeps

There are hundreds of makeover shows on television right now. We love it. We need it. One teen from Arizona decided to give us a very different kind of makeover show, one we didn’t know we were craving. Breeana Telon is a girl with some serious makeup skills, and she decided to put those skills to good use by giving her father, Eddie, an impromptu makeover while he took a nap.

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She posted the masterpiece to Twitter, and it’s got us rolling on the floor with laughter. Breeana showed off her skills by using her “model” to show us her highlighting techniques, and even added some false eyelashes, because one cannot slay without some fierce looking eyelashes. The stunning makeup’s not the only thing impressive about this video; the fact that her dad is completely oblivious and continues nap is the skill that’s most impressive.
When Eddie does wake up he can’t seem to pry his sleepy eyes open because his fake eyelashes have glued his eyes shut (who hasn’t this happened to?).

We love this look, and so does a few of Breeana’s Twitter followers:



Check the video out below:


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Dad Takes A Nap And You Won’t Believe What Happens While He Sleeps