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Dad Tells Kids That Dog Is Twerking To Avoid “The Talk”, Until One Joins In

Well that escalated quickly

Dog Twerking YouTube Screenshot

Parents will say anything to avoid an awkward conversation.
“Mom, where do babies come from?”
“Uhm, the stork.”
This lie alone proves that parents will do just about anything to shield their kids from the horrible truth, just to keep their innocence alive a little longer.

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Well, one dad did just that, and it resulted in a hilarious exchange that left us in tears. Thanks to his quick-thinking, this dad was able to avoid the awkward “birds and the bees conversation with his daughter and niece … for now. Unfortunately for him, the lie backfired a little bit. When his daughter caught their family dog “in the act” of dry humping his doggy bed, she only thought he was dancing. Poor dad was forced to go along with this idea, proclaiming that he was twerking.


What wasn’t so smooth? The instant regret he must have felt when his daughter wanted to get in on the “dance party”.

While we applaud dad for his quick thinking, we bet the girls are going to have a good laugh about this when they’re older!

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Dad Tells Kids That Dog Is Twerking To Avoid “The Talk”, Until One Joins In