It’s Been Proven That Looking At These 15 Adorable Pictures of Animals Can Cure Sadness

True Story.

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What can be cuter than a wet nose and fluffy fur? There’s no denying that animals are the epitome of cuteness, spreading their love and happiness onto our hearts like icing on a chocolate cake – and everyone loves chocolate cake, right?

We know how tough life can be – kids, work deadlines, relationships – all of this can be pretty overwhelming. This is why we’ve decided to create this awesome list filled with the fluffy faces of 15 adorable animals.

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Get ready to have a good day!

1. New Wheels …

Image Source

This is Chloe. Unfortunately, someone had stomped on her and she was in need of some new wheels to help her recover.

2. Open The Door Please ….

Video Source

This fluffy guy was trying to get the door open. Red Panda’s sure do the most adorable things!

3. I’ll Do It Myself …

Video Source

This big guy decided he could take himself for a walk. If this isn’t making your day, then we’re pretty sure you’re dead inside!

4. A Gift For You M’Lady …

Image Source

This horse decided to give his canine companion a gift in the form of a flower. These aren’t tears, my eyes are just happy!

5. A Cute Embrace …

Image Source

Awww … This guy seems like he needed a hug, and his friend was right there to give him one. Yes, animals are better than humans.

6. That’s The Spot …

Video Source

I’m sure we all wish we had that one friend that would be willing to do this for us. Who doesn’t love a good massage – or back scratching?

7. Sunny Side Up …

Image Source

I like my naps how I like my eggs … sunny side up please.

8. Come Closer  …

Image Source

Look into my eyes and tell me what you see?

9. Betrayal …

Image Source

Is there a cat on the internet that looks more betrayed than this one? Clearly he doesn’t enjoy baths.

10. Scaredy-Cat …

Image Source

The thunder won’t get me if I put this blanket over my head, right?

11. Just Need To Close My Eyes …

Image Source 

Aww .. This little guy is clearly tired and needed a nap. Look at those cute rolls though!

12. Groupies …

Image Source

We’re just going to wait here until you come out of the bathroom.

13. I’m Going To Get You … 

Image Source

An arctic fox trying to catch his prey. Still cute though!

14. What Is It?

Video Source

These adorable dogs are clearly meeting their new family member for the first time … Their reactions are too cute.

15. And Finally …

Image Source

No animal list is complete without a bucket of Golden Retrievers! But be careful … They’ve been known to give what is called “awws” and “good times”.


If you enjoyed this list, be sure to share it with your family and friends. Check out some of our other animal-friendly lists too!

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It’s Been Proven That Looking At These 15 Adorable Pictures of Animals Can Cure Sadness