Modern Family Star Sarah Hyland Silences The Trolls With This Emotional Letter

Sometimes it goes both ways.

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When skinny models walk down the runway, we judge them. We judge and tell them off for making women and young girls feel as if they’re not enough. This stigma transcends the fashion industry and is judgement that we seem to place on all public figures. Modern Family actress Sarah Hyland has had to deal with such scrutiny from the public.

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She took to Twitter to open up about the rough year she’s had, and silence those judging her appearance from behind their computers.

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If you’re not familiar with the 26-year-old actress, you’ll be unaware of the health issues that have plagued her since she was a child. The actress was diagnosed with kidney dysplasia and underwent a kidney transplant in 2012, she did not specify whether it was linked to her health problems, but she does reference that her health issues have contributed to the fluctuations in her weight.

You can read her emotional letter here:


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Modern Family Star Sarah Hyland Silences The Trolls With This Emotional Letter