This Mom’s Incredibly Honest “Talk” About The Postpartum Body Is Inspiring!

We love our moms and their bodies

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There’s nothing more beautiful than a woman’s body. The idea that the female form is responsible for the creation and support of life is simply intoxicating, and an experience that should never be undervalued. However, having a baby brings with it unimaginable changes to the body, both physically and emotionally. No single pregnancy is the same, and 33-year-old Kirsty McKenzie can attest to this who’s been through the “process” three times.

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She recalls the way she felt when she realised she looked six months pregnant instead of six weeks: “It wasn’t so much vanity as finding it difficult to deal with change”. Adding to the pressure and frustration was the way the word “real” was being thrown around on social media. To Kirsty, after giving birth to her third child, she felt that her postpartum body was just as real as the next person’s and shouldn’t be concealed simply because it doesn’t conform to someone else’s image of “perfection”.

She decided it was time to “get real about giving life and decided to share her thoughts and postpartum pictures in a Facebook post that has now gone viral.

She Posted These Powerful Images On Facebook:


She Wrote:

I really dislike the way the word ‘real’ is used in this world of social media… ESPECIALLY when it comes to the subject of body image, or perception.
Almost every time it’s used, it leaves the rest of us open to the feeling that our bodies, or our journeys are somehow less than others’. That because our bodies don’t look like someone else’s version of ‘real’, that we’re not doing it right, we either haven’t struggled enough, or we should be doing it better (it goes both ways).
My body is no less ‘real’ than anyone else’s. It’s just as real as the person rocking her pre pregnancy jeans and super flat stomach at one week post partum. It’s every bit as real as the mum who’s pregnancy resulted in stretch marks and scarring, just as it’s as real as the mumma who made it through without a scratch. We’re ALL real. Just a different version of real.
So here I am, third time around at 4 weeks post partum. My recovery is slow, slower than it has been the last two times… and that’s ok. Each of my own pregnancies and recoveries has been different, I can’t compare them, because the way in which I found myself at this point has been entirely different… and if I can’t even compare my own three experiences, then how can I compare mine with someone else’s?
4 weeks post partum this time for me means, rounded and soft squishy tummy, lots of bruising still (both internal and external), an abdominal separation (which I haven’t had properly checked because of the internal bruising), and a brand new scar marking Hannah’s grand entrance into this world. Most days I feel like I’m just a milk machine, my body still really belongs to her, and the thought of getting back into it (exercise) is still well beyond me.
At this point, almost every aspect of me has been changed again, changed permanently. And the best thing is, this time around, quite frankly, I could care less.

Kirsty During Her Third Pregnancy:


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This Mom’s Incredibly Honest “Talk” About The Postpartum Body Is Inspiring!