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Senior Citizens Share Their Sex Secrets, And It’s Awesome!

Image Via Jimmy Kimmel YouTube


While it pains us to make you think about your grandparent’s insatiable sexual appetites, it seems that there’s no getting around it. According to a recent study, sexually transmitted diseases are on the rise in nursing homes, which could only mean one thing, senior citizens seem to be having more sex.
Whether you view this as a win for your sex life in the distant future, there’s no doubt that seniors appear to be keeping something to themselves. So how do we uncover this secret? In true Jimmy Kimmel fashion, the talk show host sent a cameraman to a regular senior hangout spot to get some answers.

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“A little vodka couldn’t hurt,” was one woman’s response while another 80-year-old woman admitted her sex life “was great,” but refused to share any sordid details.

Watch the video below, and see if you can catch any secrets from these spunky seniors.

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Senior Citizens Share Their Sex Secrets, And It’s Awesome!