Kevin Spacey and Gordon Ramsay Have A Swear Off And It’s F**cking Hilarious

Dreams are made of these

Gordon Ramsay YouTube Screenshot

Gordon Ramsay is many things: celebrated chef, reality star, and generally just a foul-mouthed individual. We love it though. He’s someone who comes out and says what he thinks, which is probably why his latest variety show is called The F Word.

Kevin Spacey is a celebrated actor who’s known for playing some pretty foulmouthed characters himself, such as his character from Horrible Bosses for instance. The point is, he knows his way around the “F-word”. So it should come as no surprise that when these two got together to shoot a promo for his series, it escalated pretty quickly from an interview-while-enjoying-some-food to a swearing contest.

In the video, Spacey seemed pretty chilled about dropping the f-bombs, while Ramsay protested that he said it better. At this point, Spacey had to show him how it was done. I think we may have a new king ladies and gentleman.

Either way, the entire segment was f**cking hilarious!

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Kevin Spacey and Gordon Ramsay Have A Swear Off And It’s F**cking Hilarious