The internet has a new bae, and he has been dubbed – “tree man”. When it comes to quality eye candy, there’s no such thing as too much, and this is some excellent quality. He might not have the pizazz of Salt Bae, but how ungrateful would we be if we were to let this beautiful specimen slip through our fingers?

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While we’re sad to report that his real name isn’t Tree Man, although it’s quite fitting since the internet is aching to climb him (bruh), his real name is Danny Jones, and he’s a fitness instructor. According to his Instagram, Jones is 6’7” and 265 pounds of pure muscle (so says us).



Not only would we like to thank the internet for this wonderful contribution to our lives, but we’d like to thank Twitter user “la loba”. Here’s her original tweet that sparked our obsession:

No obsession is complete without some facts, and la loba did not disappoint.

Twitter users did indeed “plant some seeds.”