These 16 Train Fails Will Shake Your Faith In Humanity Forever And Take Straight To Crazy Town



If you’ve ever had the pleasure of riding the train, then we’re sure you’ve seen (and smelled) quite a few crazy things.

Well, you’re not alone. The dear people of the internet have responded in kind by documenting a few of the strangest things they’ve seen while making use of the train. We love that people are so weird; otherwise, we wouldn’t have been able to create this list.

1. Santa Claus?


Our childhood dreams have officially been shattere thanks to this image. At least he had a good time?

2. Important Notice


We wonder what actually prompted them to place this “sign” onto the back of a train? The world really is a werid place, but if you insist, then I guess we won’t! Lame

3. Matching


I wonder if they called each other up to confirm what they were wearing. All jokes aside, this is quite a sad coincidence.

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4. Accidents Happen


While we all know accidents happen, we’re not too sure how to explain this one. She just happened to have her leg wrapped around the pole? Is this a dance routine? Someone … tell us!

5. Real Life Spiderman


Can you imagine how tired this kid had to be? But seriously, there’s a flat surface right there. He must be Spiderman then, there’s no other explanation.

6. Blurred Lines


Wow! Actually, there’s no way we’re able to explain this one. Maybe they were drunk?

7. Heist Gone Wrong?


A couple who sleeps together, robs together. Don’t they seem like they just came from a heist in the South of France?

8. Perfect Timing


Hey! Maybe she was in a rush and really needed to ice this cake? There’s no perfect place than a crowded train.

9. Seriously?


Seriously? Is this the same woman? She clearly doesn’t have enough time during the day.

10. Rear End


In many ways, this is a train fail, but you gotta feel sorry for the woman on the receiving end of this. Or … the rear end of this!

11. Monsters On a Train


This person is either going/coming back from a halloween party, or they’re just trying to avoid any human interaction. It’s working.

12. Night At The Museum


This makes us think of a museum display that’s come to life and now finds himself on a train. Or he could just be coming from a halloween party.

13. Bravo


When humans put their minds to it, they can truly do extrodinary things. Clearly this woman proves that. “Tell me I can’t get my dog on this train”

14. Sleeping Fail


When you’re not paying attention and life happens.

15. Saving The World


You gotta do what you gotta do when the world needs saving.

16. Girl, We Know You’ve Crying


And you needing somebody to talk toooooo ….

Let us know which one was your favourite! And if you liked this, be sure to share and like.

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These 16 Train Fails Will Shake Your Faith In Humanity Forever And Take Straight To Crazy Town