This Japanese Woman’s Amazing Pigeon Shoes Have People Freaking Out

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Some people may say that pigeons are the rats of the sky, but one woman from Japan is standing up against the prejudice in the cutest way. We think.

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Kyoto Ohata is a Japanese shoe designer. Recently, she was spotted wearing what appeared to be more bird than footwear. We have to say, it’s the perfect way to blend in (and not get attacked) when spending the day in the park.

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According to Ohata, she had more than just fashion on the brain when she created this unique pair of heels. According to her: she often walks through an area that’s swarming with pigeons and didn’t want to scare them away, and so the ingenious urban camouflage was born.

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If you’re eager to try this look out yourself because birds are your thing, Ohata has made it pretty easy to emulate this look. All you’ll need is a regular pair of heels, some felt, lightweight foam, and wire.

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Here’s how you can make them yourself:

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This Japanese Woman’s Amazing Pigeon Shoes Have People Freaking Out