The Ultimate Guide To Avoiding Game of Thrones Spoilers

Spoilers, spoilers everywhere ….

Credit: HBO

I feel like a naughty child that’s just stolen candy from the “candy cupboard”. The internet has been buzzing with the news of a leaked Game of Thrones episode, and while my self-control is zero when it comes to the amount of chocolate I consume, I’ve always been pretty good with sticking to the designated TV schedule.

Alas; today that all went flying out the window when I heard the words – Daenerys and dragons.

I’m a huge GOT nerd. I’ve read all of the books, scoured the internet in search of plausible theories, and diligently and patiently waited each year for the release of each season and Sunday episode. Unfortunately for my self-will, Season 7 has been a particularly difficult season for me; so when the news of a leaked epic episode 4 was said to be illegally released, I couldn’t hop on the internet fast enough.

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Don’t be like me. Have self-control. In light of my sad mistake, I’ve decided to spare your poor hearts and create a few ways to avoid GOT spoilers at all times. Here are my top 4:

1. Avoid The Internet

Duh. But honestly, we live in an age where everything is done on the internet, so trying to avoid spoilers of any kind can be pretty difficult when all you’re trying to do is find information on the weather.

Game of Thrones

I’ve found that going into hiding for a few hours (or days) is a good way to avoid any spoilers. If you have to be on the internet, try not to search for anything beginning with a G or Game – that should help.

2. Avoid The Internet:

Double duh. And no, this was not a typo, this was done on purpose to emphasize the importance of avoiding the internet. However, my double duh is specifically related to social media. Like moths to a flame, will we ever learn just how much social media effects our society?

Picture this: you’re sitting in traffic on your way home from work, you haven’t watched the latest episode yet because you don’t live in North America or whatever, you’re bored and decide to hop onto Facebook because … millennial, and what do you see?

Game of Thrones

The best way to avoid any spoilers is to simply get off the grid. This includes YouTube. Liberate yourself from the shackles of social media – unless you found this article through social media then … carry on.

3. Have Friends That Hate GOT

According to the internet, and half the world, Game of Thrones is the best show on the planet! Unfortunately, the other half does not share this belief. Find you a few loyal friends who fall into this category.

Now, speaking from experience, this can be incredibly frustrating and will definitely lead to countless arguments. Simply take a deep breath and remember, they don’t know shit!


Game of Thrones

Not all of us can be good with Microsoft Paint.

4. Be Smart:

Don’t be like me and give in to the temptations of spoilers simply because you need to see a therapist about your FOMO. If you get entertainment stories straight to your inbox, then make sure you avoid your inbox like the plague. While we would hate to tell you who you can and can’t subscribe to (subscribe to us!), try and avoid any websites that love sending emails that are filled with clickbait-y headlines like: You Won’t Believe Who Died on Game of Thrones Last Night.

I mean …

Game of Thrones


It may be too late for me, but if you’re reading this, it might not be for you!

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The Ultimate Guide To Avoiding Game of Thrones Spoilers