10 Amazing Photographs That Show The Beauty Found In The Depths Of The World’s Oceans. Wow!

These underwater pictures will leave you spellbound

flickr: Alexander Semenov

According to many scientists, much of the ocean remains unexplored. However, marine biologist Alexander Semenov looks to shed some light on the fascinating, and often weird, creatures of the deep blue ocean with a few interesting underwater pictures. While the name Alexander Semenov rolls off the tongue quite naturally, chances are you’ve probably never heard of him; the extraordinary photographer heads the diving at Moscow State University’s White Sea Biologic Station, bringing a decade of underwater photography experience to numerous research and exploration projects.

The ocean is truly filled with mesmerising creatures, and viewing these underwater pictures from Semenov’s latest underwater expedition, it reaffirms this. During this project he chose to focus on invertebrate animals found in the Arctic Ocean: worms, squishy things, translucent moving things, and creatures we’d rather show you than describe. Most of these creatures have never been documented with such beauty and clarity before, have a peek.

1. A Moon Jelly, Otherwise Known As Aurelia Aurita

image source 

2. A Swimming Alitta Virens. A Worm That Tends To Borrow In Wet Sand

image source

3. This Spectacular Creature Is Known As The Pegea Confoederata

image source 

4. Clavelina Moluccensis, Or Simply The Bluebell Tunicate

image source

5. Siphonophore From The Sea Of Okhotsk

image source 

6. Tubastraea Faulkneri, or Simply The Sun Cup Coral (So Much Easier)

image source 

7. This Stunning Creature Is A Species Of Sea Slug Called Godiva Quadricolor

image source 

8. Siphonophore

image source

While this may look like a single organism, this is actually a colony composed of specialised individual animals – how cool?

9. Unidentified Hudrozoan Jellyfish

image source 

Pelagia noctiluca

10. Pelagia Noctiluca Feeding On Salp

image source

If you’re like us, and can’t get enough of these stunning photographs, visit Alexander Semenov’s Flickr.

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10 Amazing Photographs That Show The Beauty Found In The Depths Of The World’s Oceans. Wow!